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cloud solutions

Cloud services are developing rapidly. For Avit, they serve as a key strategic aspect. We offer services from our own Avit data centre “as a service.” These are extremely reliable and secure all-in solutions with a high degree of flexibility and scalability. Management, maintenance and support are, of course, standard aspects of our services. It is no longer necessary to invest in your own software, hardware or physical space.

We charge only for what you use and we work with monthly subscriptions. That means transparency, predictability and manageability. The switch to cloud services is supervised from beginning to end by our highly certified engineers. Management (including monitoring), proactive maintenance and support are also in excellent hands with these specialists. This guarantees optimal availability, reliability and security.

Avit IaaS

Avit IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provides a virtual data centre (vDC) with a custom amount of capacity (CPU, memory and storage) reserved specifically for each of our clients. Avits IaaS offers maximum flexibility at very reasonable operational costs, while the support of our engineers guarantees 100% reliability.

Hosted Avit Collaboration Solutions (HaCS)

HaCS stands for “Hosted Avit Collaboration Solutions.” This cloud service provides optimal availability and flexibility because of the integration of all communication with internet, fixed and mobile telephone systems and video. HaCS replaces the existing systems, but preserves the functionalities you have come to expect. The transition is carefully prepared and supervised by our professionals and we continue to offer full support even after the implementation process is complete. This helps us eliminate all possible concerns about your systems. All that remains are questions about the necessary functionalities for the organisation. Users, functionalities and hardware can be scaled up or down easily and without major one-time expenses. You can even implement many changes immediately yourself via the self-care portal.

We provide HaCS “as a service.” This eliminates the need for big investments and makes the costs insightful and predictable.


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