XIMEx makes access
easy and secure

Avits unique XIMEx tool simplifies the password and identity management process for networks and cloud applications. It structures and automates the management of account and login information and permissions. With this, XIMEx simplifies a complicated and time-consuming task: the management of account and login information for all applications and Active Directory. With XIMEx, the management portal will feature account information through the use of an administrative system. The account information is turned into login information for systems that the user can then access.

When closing an account, for example when someone leaves the organisation, the login information is automatically disabled and the data can be deleted if you want. Assigning and managing account information is kept structured and up to date. XIMEx is perfectly suited for organisations that have to deal with large mutations and accounts that are only active for short periods of time, such as schools.


Via an administrative system, such as the student or financial administration, the management portal is supplied with account information. XIMEx automatically turns this account information into login details for the systems that the users (e.g. students or employees) can access. Users can change their own access codes via the Self-Service Portal. XIMEx ensures that the management of account information and the distribution of login details is handled in a structured manner and that all data is kept up to date.


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