Worldhotel Wings

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Worldhotel Wings

Worldhotel Wings, a cloud-connected hotel

Cloud Connected Hospitality

    • Hotel network
    • ICT Security
    • WiFi and mobility
    • Central Telephony and accessibility
    • IP Television and Video on Demand
    • Narrow Casting
    • Audio-visual and digital information boards
    • CCTV and access control
    • External access for suppliers and third parties
    • 24/7 monitoring and IT support
    • ICT Consumption according to consumption

    For the business traveller, Rotterdam International Airport is one of the world’s most pleasurable transport experiences. Calm, easy and welcoming. When you reach the taxi rank and ask to be taken to Worldhotel Wings, you’ll doubtless be greeted by a smile as the driver looks to his right and points. It’s not the first time he’s been asked this. Worldhotel Wings is no more than 50 metres away and just 15 minutes from the center of Rotterdam.