Zorggroep Alliade chooses Avit Group as partner for network, telephony and security management


Zorggroep Alliade chooses Avit Group as partner for network, telephony and security management

Vianen - Alliade Zorggroep will outsource the management of its network, telephony and security completely to Managed Service Provider Avit Group. The next three years the maintenance, management and security of the IT environment for over 200 locations will be provided. The (care) staff can also contact Avit with all their IT questions. Outsourcing the IT management provides more insight, efficiency and cost savings for the IT staff. In addition, scaling up due to new locations is easier and new technology can be deployed faster. This enables Alliade to focus fully on providing the best care.

Collaboration aimed at the future

After a tender with five participants, the specialist knowledge of IT care systems and skills of Avit were chosen. The starting point of the collaboration was a roadmap to properly transfer the entire management. This roadmap also contains Alliade's strategy to ensure that the IT infrastructure continues to support the delivery of the best care. The transition has now been completed and the Managed Service Provider has taken over the management tasks.

Jakob Hilbolling, Senior Coordinator ICT Basic Services at Alliade: "At Alliade we believe that providing the best care is the most important thing. By fully outsourcing the management of the network, telephony and security, we can focus even more on the care. During the tender process we went on a reference visit to another Avit client. This showed that Avit is also the right, reliable partner for us. Besides, we now have a stronger future strategy in IT.

Evert Smit, Sector Unit Manager Healthcare at Avit: "I am looking forward to working with our account team of specialists to get the most out of the IT environment for Alliade. Now and in the future. We are going to provide them with maximum support and unburden them by taking over the management, but also by proactively advising on the sustainability of the infrastructure. Our joint teams and short lines of communication ensure that we will make this collaboration a success."