Avit, the first Cisco partner in the Benelux to implement Webex Calling


Avit, the first Cisco partner in the Benelux to implement Webex Calling

Telephony from the cloud, independent from telecom provider

Nieuwegein, 18 July 2019 – IT-service provider Avit Is the first Cisco partner in the Benelux to implement Cisco Webex Calling: telephony from the cloud in the form of software as a service (SaaS). Avit sees a high demand for cloud solutions for telephony, both at medium-sized and large organizations.

Until now, organizations were working with all kinds of varying telephony solutions from different suppliers, usually still on premises. However, there is an increasing need of moving their entire telephony infrastructure to the cloud, including messaging, meeting and calling. This need is inspired by the wish for consolidation and for providing a uniform end user experience in telephony in all and any devices. Furthermore, there is a growing need for the combination of telephone and video. Younger generations do not just want to call, but also see whom they are speaking or meeting with, combined with a shared desktop, or not. In practice, integration of all these different systems is, however, not easy to achieve.

Michel van Heiningen, responsible for Global Collaboration Channel Sales at Cisco: “Our customers like to have an ICT partner who understands their ‘on premises’ telephony environment and also knows everything about the cloud. Avit is an important collaboration partner of Cisco who fits this profile exactly. Avit knows both worlds and has a very good position to assist our customers in their telephony transition to the cloud. And this with the speed and agility one can expect of a Cisco partner.”

Jasper van ’t Wout, Chief Strategy Officer van Avit: “We see Webex Calling as the ideal hybrid solution which allows to integrate cloud telephony with on-premises telephony solutions. In practice, 100% cloud is not always desirable or feasible. We have the knowledge of both worlds which is necessary to a safe, solid integration at enterprise level. Webex Calling is typically suited to interconnect organizations having branches or retail outlets all over the world by phone. An important plus in this is that this solution is provider-independent. The customer can simply stay with his current provider or choose the one who best fits his organization need.”

Webex Calling can also be integrated with Hosted Avit Collaboration Solutions (HaCS), a cloud service which ensures optimal reachability and flexibility by integrating all communication with Internet, mobile telephony and video.