Avit Group Closes Partnership with Cisco AppDynamics and Offers Full-Stack Observability


Avit Group Closes Partnership with Cisco AppDynamics and Offers Full-Stack Observability

Cisco AppDynamics, the industry leading Business Observability platform, and Avit Group, network integrator and managed service provider, concluded a strategic partnership.

The collaboration with Cisco AppDynamics, allows Avit to offer customers full-stack observability, which means that the continuity and performance of the business applications can be monitored throughout the complete IT infrastructure. This enables organizations to intervene in time and take measures to prevent disruptions in the business. This way, they can take major steps towards guaranteeing business continuity.

Performance and Reliability

The technology infrastructure of organizations recently become much more complex. Not only because of the digital transformation they are going through, but also because of cloud computing transition. Organizations nowadays have to deal with a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, where the infrastructure consists of on-premise components and solutions from different cloud service providers. In addition, there are often legacy systems. All this makes it increasingly difficult for them to gain insights into the performance and reliability of the applications needed to support the business.

Proactive Action

"The ability to monitor the entire IT stack, from customer-facing applications to the core network, is therefore essential," says Thuur Tonnaer, Managing Director at Avit Group. "As an organization you want to solve performance problems before they affect users, customers and ultimately the entire business. Avit offers its customers high quality connectivity services and we are delighted that we will now be adding Cisco AppDynamics’ full-stack observability solutions. This will allow our customers to monitor their applications and networks anywhere in their IT environment, from data center to Microsoft Azure. IT can see at a glance where the source of possible problems is in the stack and can take action before the business is affected. As a result, IT is relieved of a huge burden and can focus on developments that add value to the organization."

Insight into the Complete IT Stack

Avit is one of the first partners to include full-stack observability and application performance monitoring from Cisco Appdynamics in its portfolio. Both companies expect a lot from the cooperation. Thuur Tonnaer: "I am convinced that we can further unburden our existing customers by providing them with even more insight into the performance of their complete IT stack."

We’re really are looking forward to start collaborating with Avit – recently named Cisco Customer Experience Advanced Specialization Partner – to develop new full-stack observability business opportunities said James Bradley, VP EMEAR Partners at AppDynamics. AppDynamics, as part of Cisco’s strategy around full-stack observability, is here to help organisations realizing the potential and benefits of deploying full-stack observability within a business context. This collaboration with Avit is aligned with the recent updates to our global partners programm, for better collaboration, deeper alignement with Cisco and its sales motion to unleash the potential of our partners and maximize the opportunity for full-stack observability.