Avit Group Secures its 7*24 Global Managed Services with One Operation across Multiple Continents


Avit Group Secures its 7*24 Global Managed Services with One Operation across Multiple Continents

Avit Group introduces 'Follow the Sun' support on multiple continents to optimize global managed services for its customers

Avit Group, network integrator and managed service provider, is expanding its global managed services organizations. Avit now has one operation with offices in the Netherlands, the US and in Asia. Avit thus shortens the time-to-market of service requests and optimizes the managed services and Customer eXperience. The uniqueness of Avit's proposition is that the service engineers work for Avit and are trained in-house. This distinguishes Avit from other parties in the market that often have a 24/7 managed service usually organized from one Network Operating Center location (NOC) and/or based on an outsource model.

One Network Operating Center

Avit provides its services through a 'Follow the Sun' methodology, in which the Avit teams work together for its customers, in different time zones. Ronald Kraanen, CEO Avit Group: The three geographically dispersed teams work together as one NOC. This enables us to handle time-sensitive service calls faster and more efficiently. In this way we can, among other things, serve our international customers in their own time zone. In addition, it is now possible to prepare changes or updates for local customers in their time zone during the day and implement them at night via the other two teams in other time zones. Simply put, this creates the possibility to work around the clock and perform IT work for contract customers on a continuous basis.

Operation Across Three Continents

The global service teams have engineers who have been trained in the Netherlands and work closely with their Avit colleagues in the other time zones. This makes one tight team that operates from the three different continents. The Avit engineers are all properly trained professionals and use - in-house developed - service applications including a completely new service ticketing system. This ensures, among other things, that calls at the end of a shift are transferred to the team in the next time zone.

Follow the Sun

Marco Remkes, managing partner at Avit Group: The Follow the Sun principle involves an important broadening and deepening of our managed services, which allows us to significantly improve Customer eXperience. Results are already visible as customers are served faster, the workload is optimally distributed and multiple efficiency gains are achieved. We are proud that we now have one global organization of service teams spread across three continents. These teams consist of high-end engineers with the highest Cisco and Microsoft certifications. Unlike most managed services providers, we have hired our own engineers in our own operation. Customers can expect high quality services from all three continents. Avit thus guarantees optimal customer experience on a continuous basis.

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