Avit launches Video Consult for healthcare


Avit launches Video Consult for healthcare

Platform with the world's first pre-consult check and personalized waiting room

Amersfoort, the Netherlands - Network integrator Avit launches Avit Video Consult. This solution makes it possible for the practitioner and caretaker to set up digital consultations efficiently and personally within the Cisco Webex environment. The solution works in a secure, fast, simple, device independent manner and without complicated installations for practitioners and users. By using Cisco's Webex, the most secure video meeting application, the privacy of patients is guaranteed. It is also possible to enrich the platform with APIs and also to create integrations with EPDs, ECDs, PGOs and/or other applications. The full user interface can be tailored to the organization, so that the healthcare provider has all the information at hand. This solution supports the healthcare sector to meet the increasing demand for digital consultations in an appropriate manner.

Unique pre-consult check and personalized waiting room

A person in demand of care receives a unique link from the practitioner and logs in via a password. This is followed by a pre-consult check, where the equipment and the connection are tested so that no problems arise during the video consultation. During this check the connection chain is checked. From computer, tablet or phone to the cloud solution and the platform. Next, the person in demand of care enters a personalized virtual waiting room, where he or she can read the news or play games, for example. In a clear dashboard the practitioner can see who has gone through the pre-check and is therefore in the waiting room and which appointment that person has. The practitioner can then start the video consultation. It is also easy to make contact (e.g. via chat) with the supporting clinic or any patient helpdesk.

Digital Acceleration Netherlands

Avit took care of the concept and development of the platform with the help of the Cisco investment program called Digital Acceleration Netherlands (DVN). An investment program that aims to stimulate the digitisation of the Dutch economy and society.

Evert Smit, Sector Unit Manager Healthcare at Avit: "Cisco has been a reliable partner for years. We are therefore pleased that we have been given the opportunity to realize this platform as part of the DVN investment program. Not least because we hear from the healthcare sector many times that there is a great need for a secure, reliable and fully integrated video consultation platform with maximum flexibility. With our solution we can meet this demand. ”

Hendrik Blokhuis, Director DVN Cisco Netherlands: "Over the past year the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation, the need to offer services virtually is no longer an option but a requirement. Avit Video Consult offers a solution to this need. The healthcare sector is also transforming with great speed, and a solution such as this is necessary to continue to provide appropriate care in a society in which care provider and the person in demand of care physically meet less and less often. A development that requires the innovative solution that Avit now offers. And what's more, it's a project that fits in perfectly with our DVN program. ”

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