High performance with NetApp’s All Flash FAS


High performance with NetApp’s All Flash FAS

Companies are aware that their business processes have to run increasingly quickly. However, speed is not all that matters; it is also crucial for the performance and reaction speed of crucial process to be optimal. Our partner NetApp has the solution: All Flash FAS.

All Flash FAS provides quick processing and minimal latency as well as reliability and superior data management, without a negative effect on your IT activities’ efficiency, availability and flexibility.

The All Flash FAS builds on NetApp® Clustered Data ONTAP® and is an important component for organisations who need to speed up their work loads without having to compromise on the way they implement, manage and protect data in their environment. All Flash FAS provides data in less than a millisecond for crucial applications that always require data to be processed with minimal latency.

An All Flash FAS can be included in your current NetApp cDOT cluster, which will allow you to simply move applications from ‘slow’ to ‘fast’ storage, without downtime.

Some of the advantages of All Flash FAS include the following:

• Increasing latency-sensitive workloads • Best-in-class data management • Superior availability • Aligning performance and demand

Are you curious about what NetApp’s All Flash FAS could do for you and your organisation? Please contact us via verkoop@xantes.nl, we’d be happy to help you get started.