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Avit: the specialist in connected aviation

The aviation sector is growing. The number of cargo and passenger flights is increasing, forcing airports to continually improve the efficiency of their operations. ICT plays a crucial role in this. The better the integration of networks, applications, and data, the bigger the efficiency gains will be. Only then can data be collected on a one-off basis and used for multiple purposes. Avit is your partner in the integration of networks, systems, and data.

We integrate all systems that make use of the IP network: from telephony, baggage handling systems, and CCTV to the software used by air traffic controllers, digital signs in the arrival and departure halls, sensors, and other IoT applications to monitor how passenger flows move through the airport. There are increasing opportunities for organizing the operation more efficiently, making smart use of all the data that are available. At the same time, however, the IT environment – and in particular the issue of security – is also becoming ever more complex. Avit is familiar with this complexity and knows what it takes to make the most of the opportunities.

Six reasons to choose Avit

  • Specialist in the integration of network, systems, and data
  • From drawing board to implementation and maintenance & support of integrated solutions
  • Highly-qualified specialists who are familiar with the challenges presented by the aviation sector
  • Very broad portfolio of solutions and services
  • Extensive experience in sectors presenting similar challenges, such as the offshore and maritime sector, industry, and the hospitality sector
  • Fast, decisive, and flexible service
Avit replacing design and implementing wireless network for Ethiopian Airlines

Avit replacing design and implementing wireless network for Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is the largest airline in Africa. It is not only an airline; it also operates the airports in Ethiopia, trains pilots in Africa and beyond, and maintains aircraft from airlines all over the world.

Avit designed and rolled out the indoor and outdoor wireless mesh network for Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. This network is used by all airport employees, from pilots to office staff and from baggage handlers to hostesses at the airports and on the airfield buses. The network serves the entire airport grounds, including offices and terminals.

At present, Avit is working on rolling out the wireless network for passengers. We are also involved in the plans for the construction of the new terminals. In these projects, we are constantly looking at the opportunities that arise through the integration of infrastructure, applications, and data. In this way, we can build up a safe, integrated, and connected service.

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Scalable, affordable

Scalable, affordable

Our services are billed in the form of a single monthly support subscription based on operational expenses (OPEX). The initial investment mainly concerns local components (e.g. routers and switches, workstations, television displays or CCTV cameras). These costs can also be included in the OPEX model. The solution we offer is flexible and can be scaled up or down to suit your needs. You only pay for what you use. On top of that, Cloud Connected Hospitality can offer other significant savings, e.g. in terms of space, staff and energy.