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Secure and reliable performance

Doing your job no longer requires you to be in one place. Every modern organisation must be connected to the outside world in some way. How that is done depends on the organisation’s objectives, the nature of its work, the business model, the IT systems it has selected and the availability requirements set for business-critical applications, as well as by external factors such as potential threats or the local availability of a suitable network.

Avit provides the connectivity that ties in with the organisation’s wishes and requirements. Depending on the requirements and the on-site availability, a choice can be made for internet and IP-VPN connections based on coax (cable), DSL or fibreglass.

IP-VPN makes it possible to connect several locations without using the internet at all, which adds an additional level of security. This is an excellent solution for the processing of confidential company data, but it is also a good option for organisations that require absolute guarantees regarding availability and performance.

Avit operates on a provider-independent basis. This means we can objectively select and offer the best possible solution. We can safeguard and guarantee the level of quality you get. We can also act as mediator to negotiate excellent rates on behalf of many clients.

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