Integration Management

Integration Management

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XIMEx provides the right access to the right information at the right time for the right persons

Do you recognize these challenges and issues?

  • Applying for and creating new accounts take a lot of time
  • No insight in who is using what sources
  • Users need different passwords for different company applications
  • The process of requesting authorizations and approval is not transparent
  • It is not clear what authorizations are required for what functions (who is allowed to do what?)
  • There is no clear picture of the inflow, throughput and outflow process of users of the systems, applications and data
  • Lack of insight and overview involves unnecessary security and compliance risks
  • Upon a (security) audit the organization cannot deliver all the requested reports

These challenges and issues emphasize the importance of an easy and water-tight management of user and access rights. For this type of management, Avit developed XIMEx, which allows organizations to substantially simplify their management of access to networks and cloud applications. This solution structures and computerizes the management of account and login data and rights, and relieves organizations of such a complicated and time-consuming task.

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