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Better connections at lower cost

With the advent of SaaS applications, Collaboration software, internet-connected devices, the Cloud and big data, fast connections become more and more critical. Application traffic flows continuously change. A growing number of organizations discover the benefits of SD-WAN, the fast Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

SD-WAN is not only cheaper and faster than the traditional MPLS connection, but specifically provides more flexibility. You can use several types of connections: Internet, glass fiber, ADSL, 4&5G, etc. As a result, maximum flexibility is achieved and upscaling is easy. By adding a line more bandwidth is created. SD-WAN renders connections reliable: if one line fails, you automatically switch to another line without downtime. With SD-WAN it is easy and fast to establish what application uses what line, and what priority it will get on the Wide Area Network.

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Infographic | SD-WAN: 94% betere prestaties, 65% minder kosten

Een netwerk dat altijd werkt, zonder haperen en snel en betrouwbaar is. SD-WAN biedt het allemaal. Lees meer over de voordelen van SD-WAN en de toegevoegde waarde van Avit.

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Whitepaper | Waarom de toekomst van het WAN software-defined is

Voor bedrijven die snel meer locaties aan hun netwerk willen verbinden of aan hun netwerk willen toevoegen is SD-WAN dé oplossing. Lees meer over de belangrijkster aanjagers in onze whitepaper.

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Avit mockup Reference Case

Reference Case | ASICS en Avit

ASICS ging voor de implementatie van SD-WAN de samenwerking aan met Avit. Lees meer over de uitdaging van ASICS en de kenmerken en terugverdientijd van SD-WAN in de reference case.

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