Workers like to be able to exchange information fast and efficiently: with each other, but also with customers and other business contacts. There are a lot of smart solutions for this, but for them to enhance productivity they have to operate as one whole.


People are not only working at the office, but more and more frequently also at home, on the move or at customers. A smooth user experience puts strict demands on connections.


How to keep things secure when data leave the premises and sensitive information is kept in the cloud and on laptops?


Avit Group helps you with advice and helps to make the transition into hybrid working run smoothly. We can provide you with hardware, install applications for you and set up who will have access to what data. We do so with XIMEx. This tool was developed by us and makes access management for network applications a lot easier. It relieves organizations from complicated and time-consuming activities.

In practice, often a hybrid situation comes about. For instance with data archived in one’s own datacenter or in the Avit datacenter. Any data newly generated by Office will land in Azure. We help to make all IT fit seamlessly.

Furthermore, we have our own R&D team. This can carry out additions to existing applications and build new solutions for your specific challenges. They are cloud-related, because Azure offers many tools specifically for developers. This enhances security and availability, and guarantees proper operation.

And at least as important: we help you control your cost. In the cloud you pay by use, but often you use more than is actually needed. We map your entire IT landscape and ensure that apps will be switched off at nighttime, for instance.


Interested in our solutions? Please feel free to talk with us and discover what we can do for you. Or ask for a free demo and we will show you how the products work. Still not fully convinced? We invite you to try it out. Next, you will receive a proof of value of your own data, which shows you what value is added to your environment.



Avit and Cisco fully committed to collaboration

According to Cisco, Avit has the expertise to help customers transition from on-premises to cloud.

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As we do more and more work remotely, it is more important than ever that people have a digital workplace that truly puts their needs first.