Edwin de Haas


“No problems with technical stuff; our telephones just work. It is truly a wonderful organisation.”

Edwin de Haas, Director/owner of Canvass Company

“Canvass Company helps professional service providers in e.g. the IT, telecom and financial sectors improve their sales performance. To do that, we work with a carefully designed process that elevates the sales team to the next level and increases revenue. One of the things we do for our customers is set appointments with potential clients at the management level. Our people make a lot of active calls and conduct substantive conversations that must lead to concrete results. Telephones are a critical part of our process: they have to work at all times. When we started the business ten years ago with just five people, that was already my primary requirement. I want maximum uptime and the latest technology, but without any problems with technical stuff – and everything also has to be scalable. Together with Avit, we developed a custom solution using a form of managed telephone service that we still use to this day. These days, we have expanded to fifty workspaces, and that number is even higher during peak times. If we want to scale up quickly, Avit can arrange that for us. Everything is managed in the cloud: updates and such do not bother us at all. Our system is fairly complex and linked to our IT environment, which we have outsourced to a different partner. Avit took care of the integration as well. We hardly had to do anything. What else can I say? It is truly a wonderful organisation.”