Avit Group is pleased do what can be done together


Avit Group is pleased do what can be done together

To whom it may concert,

The coronavirus outbreak has a major impact. Not only on public health, also a setback on the economy is visible. Currently we are living in uncertain times and therefore we need to help each other.

Continuity of service
The Dutch government has taken far-reaching measures to prevent further spread of the virus, and of course Avit Group complies with these measures. Several practical actions have already been implemented internally. A large proportion of the employees are working from home. The employees of the Avit NOC, Avit Integration and support departments have also been split up in two teams. One team works from the Avit locations and the other team from home. This enables us to prevent the spread of the virus and to guarantee continuity of service.

Avit Group is solution-oriented
We understand that the current circumstances are of major concern. Especially in this period of time, we find it important to help out customers in the best way possible. The Avit Service Desk can be reached from 8AM to 6PM via +31 (0)88 1032 10 33 and servicedesk@avitgroup.com. They will be pleased to help you with any small or large challenges you may have.

We also understand that these circumstances demand a lot from your (digital) workplace facilities. Since solution-orientation is in our DNA, we are able to offer the best solutions in this challenging times. We are pleased to look together with you where we can help you right now. Furthermore, we have a lot of experience with digital collaboration solutions. Avit Group was the first Cisco partner in the Benelux to implement Cisco Webex Calling. We would be happy to tell what the Webex solution can do for your organisation.

Avit Group would also be more than happy to help you implement cost-saving ICT measures through the use of innovative ICT solutions and smart financing constructions.

We sympathize with everyone who is affected in any way by this crisis. We will keep a close eye on developments in the coming period and act when necessary. We will never lose sight of you as our client.

On behalf of all employees,

Ronald Kraanen

CEO Avit Group