Stable, reliable and fast

In today’s world, the performance of an organisation largely depends on the quality of its computer network (enterprise network). The network has to be stable and reliable, as well as easily accessible and flexible. It also has to adapt to the rapidly changing requirements of an agile organisation. More than ever, application and data security must be of the highest possible level.

Installing, managing and supporting networks of any size is part of our core business. We advise on the architecture and select, supply and implement the right network components. This allows us to set up cost-efficient networks that are made to provide hassle-free communication and data transfer, offer limitless cooperation with any device or application and are ready for the innovations of the future.

Cisco hardware

Virtually all of our solutions make use of products from the foremost international network specialist, Cisco. The routers, switches and wireless equipment that make up most of the network are always made by Cisco.

More Enterprise Networking solutions

To stimulate cooperation between people in various locations, we create wireless point-to-point connections between buildings that are located no more than 25 kilometres away from each other.

We develop extremely reliable, fast and flexible wireless mesh networks in locations where ethernet connections are not available (outdoors, in warehouses or transport environments, for example) or where wireless signals are not freely available or actively blocked.

Using Cisco’s CMX (Connected Mobile Experiences), we enable location tracking, which makes people and goods easier to track. This also creates unique opportunities when it comes to analysing user behaviour and approaching clients with tailor-made communication via mobile apps.

With the help of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) – for which we are the first technology partner to earn a certification – we make large and complex IT environments easier to manage, more cost-efficient and more secure. We can also achieve a significant reduction of the time-to-market.


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