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With the increase of the complexity and versatility of IT and the blurring of the lines between internal and external as a result of digitisation and mobility, cybercrime has become a serious threat to data, applications and infrastructure. Particularly in environments where IT is a business-critical aspect, every detail of an organisation’s security must be taken care of. These days, security involves far more than the simple firewalls we once used to keep out potential intruders.

The IP-based network infrastructures we design, develop and maintain these days differentiate between internal and external networks. They are designed to resist external attacks, but also to counter abuse from within. They are also able to recognise deviant patterns and reverse any abnormalities, which ensures the organisation is both well protected and resilient. Another important condition is that these measures should never intrude on corporate processes or the user experience.

Next-Generation Firewalls

With Next-Generation Firewalls, we do more than keep the front door shut. A Next-Generation Firewall regulates and analyses the applications on the network and their properties and links user behaviour to risks. In short, this is an effective tool with which to determine exactly what is and is not allowed and which information may be shared via the network, filtered by file type, user authorisation, file size and even keywords. Abnormalities are recognised and detected, so effective measures can be taken immediately. Abuse or misuse of the network can be limited, which in turn increases the bandwidth available to the processes it was intended for.

Identity Management

Cisco’s ISE (Identity Services Engine) is one of the tools we use for Identity Management. We centralise, automate and integrate the policy for access to networks and make them safer and more reliable. The mobile organisation will become a reality, BYOD will no longer be a challenge and the employees’ user experience will improve significantly, regardless of which device they use or where they are.


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