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Organisations in the retail and wholesale sector are often on the front lines whenever major changes occur. On the one hand, they face pressure from their purchasers, while on the other hand, they depend on the flexibility of their partners and suppliers. That is also the case now. Many of our clients find themselves facing increased pressure from their clients, who are becoming more demanding and critical. Professional clients expect the same quality of service they have grown used to as consumers and they now want to use the same tools they use in their personal lives.

At the same time, the cost pressure is high and competition – partly due to globalisation – is unrelentingly fierce. The solution is sought in new business and service models, the application of new technologies and the streamlining of processes, in order to provide quicker and tailor-made services. However, that is only possible when the chain partners are also included in the change.


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Robust foundation for total operations

With our enterprise network solutions, we create a robust foundation for our client’s total operations. We create a reliable connection between the various links in the distribution chain: from production site or supplier to distribution centres and stores, or directly to the client. We help digitise and automate the entire chain, for example by using Internet-of-Everything technology. We create the foundation for new one-on-one marketing, such as beacons and digital signage, and facilitate the ongoing development towards mobile for both clients and (store) employees. With the help of cloud computing and data centre technology, we increase the opportunities for omni-channel presence and e-commerce and make sure that client relationships can be optimised via customer contact centres. We process data in such a way as to make it available for Big Data applications such as analytics. We safeguard the security of data and systems with our Security solutions. Finally, we use our Collaboration services to stimulate cooperation between colleagues, with chain partners and with buyers.

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