The new way of working is taking off. This means that people want to have access, anywhere and anytime, to all apps and equipment they need to perform their work properly. At the right pace, without disruptions.

This is a challenge, but it also offers opportunities: e.g. to set up workspaces in such a manner that they fully match your specific work processes. Our own R&D department develops new solutions or adjusts existing apps, such as our hosted collaboration service which integrates all communication with the internet, fixed and mobile telephony and video.

Coupling and integration provide all kinds of opportunities, such as collecting customer data from various systems for call center operators. They can help customers faster and do not have to inquire first at several departments. For their managers we can visually present all relevant information about the number of callers, peak moments, duration of calls, and you name it, in a report. This helps making data-driven decisions, e.g. regarding the staffing of the center.

As to security, we ensure that all kinds of solutions for properly securing endpoints, connections and datacenters work as one whole. Multi-layered, brand independent top quality security, without losing sight of the whole.

By purchasing workspaces as a service you will benefit from several pros: you do not face high investments beforehand, but at a fixed monthly sum you can rely on technology which is always up-to-date and produces a higher yield, because it is adjusted to your needs. We can also roll out all those workspaces in no time. You do not have to bother with management and maintenance.

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16 februari 2022

How to Prepare Education for a Hybrid Future

The question is how institutions can realize the best of both worlds and develop a hybrid environment.


16 januari 2022

Whitepaper Managed Workspace

As we do more and more work remotely, it is more important than ever that people have a digital workplace that truly puts their needs first.