Specialist in managed security, SOC services, integrated networks, collaboration and leader in managed services based on Cisco technology, continues its expansion in Europe. The entry into Portugal will be announced to partners and customers at an event in Lisbon on 8 September.

Lisbon, 01 September 2022 - Avit Group, specialist in integrated security, SOC services, enterprise networks, collaboration and workspace, announced its entry into Portugal, continuing its expansion plan in Europe. With Portuguese and PALOP customers, the group is positioned in the Portuguese-speaking markets as a leader in Cisco-based managed services, Microsoft technology and Avit integration services, in managed security, SOC services and systems integration.

The goal of the company, which has an extensive presence in multiple territories in EMEA, is to build a specialised network of certified 'Cisco Gold' integrators and managed service providers in Europe. With the entry into the Portuguese market, the group completes another stage in the company's deployment throughout the European territory.

Ronald Kraanen, CEO of the Avit Group, said: "The new office in Portugal is an important step towards implementing a network of experts to empower a secure digital future in Europe. We have the ambition to develop more IT solutions and managed services, faster and more securely, to support the important transitions and innovations our customers face. "

"By building a presence in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries, we can materialise our growth ambitions more quickly. The office in Portugal will bring to the Avit brand an even more diversified and international portfolio of clients and professionals," he stresses.

Avit Group stands out in the market for its portfolio of managed services, managed security and SOC services, 24x7x365 support centres in three different time zones and for allowing customers to focus on their core business while the company takes partial or full responsibility for the IT infrastructure.

The company's strategic choice to focus on the results of integration and development services from Cisco, Microsoft and Avit provides the most focused and highest possible capabilities in this field. The pillars of the company are enterprise networking, security, collaboration and data centre.


The Portugal office will be headed by Rui Leitão, who has 43 years of experience in the IT sector and previously held the positions of Regional Sales Manager at Cisco, Sales Director of Dimension Data Angola and Sales Director of Nextiraone Angola.

"Portugal represents the Avit Group's presence in a country with qualified Portuguese and English speaking professionals, well positioned geographically and with good potential to bring the services managed by the company to the market," explained the head of the Portuguese market.

According to Rui Leitão, "the group will position itself for a leadership role in the Portuguese-speaking markets as a managed services provider and systems integrator based on Cisco technology, complementing Microsoft Cloud and Avit Integration technology."

The group's office in Portugal is located at Lagoas Park in Porto Salvo, Oeiras (Lisbon). The local team will initially consist of employees allocated to the commercial department, internal sales, support, systems engineer and finance.

The Portuguese resources also include the international pre-sales team, engineers, project managers and support staff from the Dutch headquarters and the other offices worldwide.

In addition to recent acquisitions, the Avit Group intends to open more offices with a strong focus on Europe.