Security requires a focused approach; a policy. This avoids that any blind spots occur. Unfortunately not every organization has the resources and financial capacity to seriously pursue this. In this blog we will see how Avit SOC is an affordable way to draw up an effective security policy.

If you know how your systems and their users operate in a normal situation, it becomes easier to detect abnormalities. Does someone log in every night at three o'clock. Then you need to determine if it concerns a remote employee in a different time zone, or someone in the Netherlands who logs in every night. Depending on the outcome. it will be clear whether you need to take action.


One of the difficulties facing IT these days is that the landscape has become so fragmented. Almost every organization has on-premise systems, but also works with the cloud. Central management is therefore not a luxury, but a necessity. This also totally applies to security. Blind spots are vulnerable areas. Sooner or later a cybercriminal will discover this. This often takes around two months and by then criminals will have a good idea about the weaknesses of your network. The damage can be kept to a minimum by identifying and reacting to this at an early stage.

Resolving and preventing security problems: these are the tasks of the Security Operations Center (SOC). An own SOC is unfortunately unfeasible for many organizations. This is not only with regard to high costs, but also due to shortages in the labor market. Fortunately, there is an affordable alternative: Avit SOC. You can read more about this in this blog. This solution provides a sound basis to address security issues step by step and create an active security policy.


A wait and see attitude leads to blind spots. Even so, many organizations only come into action when they are actually faced with problems. Other external stimuli to seriously address security, are changing legislation and upcoming audits. However, a proactive approach avoids many problems. The two major questions you must ask yourself with regard to your security policy: where are we now and where do we want to be? If this is not clear, then every action is a complete shot in the dark.

Avit SOC helps resolve this. Based on analyses you gain insight into how your network functions and where there are opportunities for improvement. Acute problems must of course be dealt with in a timely fashion. You can subsequently choose a number of objectives that you can implement in the near future. This will ensure that the security, and the policy supporting it, will continue to become more comprehensive and mature. Insights into what is and what is not normal will continue to become clearer. You have no need to worry about all the messages that you receive from the SOC, because they are smartly filtered. This enables you to quickly set the right priorities. Do you need guidance or simply practical support? Then we will be pleased to assist you.