You want to do what you do best and what you love most: focus on the business, achieve goals and grow. Smart IT enables you to do that. Software defined networking makes it easier for you to cope with the growth in locations, home workers and mobile devices, without costs getting out of hand. These days when everyone wants access to the network anywhere, anytime, demands a lot from the network. At the same time, security requirements are increasing.

On top of that, 'the business' is demanding new apps at an ever-increasing pace to better meet customer expectations. These applications no longer reside solely in the company's data center, but increasingly in the Cloud or are purchased as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Traditional networks are often complex and unable to deliver the speed and agility required for this. A lot of time is also spent on keeping systems up and running. As a result, IT no longer has time to keep up with developments and innovation comes last.

The solution is Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN). Gartner predicts tremendous growth in use of this solution in the coming years. Purchasing SD-WAN as a managed service makes IT simple and offers great convenience and flexibility. No large upfront investment and yet worry-free scaling. Add locations, users and devices without any hassle. Another major advantage is that you no longer have to worry about management and maintenance. 


Avit has extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge to take your IT to the next level. We listen carefully to what you need in order to meet your specific challenges. We adapt our services accordingly, including those around SD-WAN. Together with you, we will look for a unique solution to serve your customers even better. We help you to work faster and more efficiently, to control costs and to grow. Managed SD-WAN of Avit gives your organization all the connectivity you need to be innovative and dazzle customers again and again.

Avit offers 24/7 support and can completely take over management and maintenance, if required. Through proactive management we prevent failures. We make clear agreements on availability. We are known for going the extra mile to make sure you enjoy the benefits of SD-WAN, without having to purchase it.


  • SD-WAN is an excellent alternative to expensive and inflexible MPLS lines and offers much more flexibility and bandwidth.
  • You get more reliable and faster connections: internet, fiber, ADSL, 4G and 5G. If one line goes down, you automatically switch to the other, without a hitch.
  • By adding lines you get more bandwidth, more speed and higher reliability. You prioritize business-critical applications over others and provide them with the best available connection. Downtime is reduced to the minimum, applications perform optimally.
  • It's easier to manage the network, because you do it from a central point.
  • You make the most of the benefits of different Clouds. Integrating different public Clouds is easy and quick to achieve.
  • You protect sensitive data optimally. The solution is 'security by design'.
  • Onboarding of new users and devices and applications is fast, efficient and consistent through automation. In doing so, you apply your own policies.  



21 maart 2021

Avit Group expands portfolio with Managed SD-WAN

ASICS EMEAR and Epson rely on Managed SD-WAN for reliable and flexible Internet connectivity.