It is important to see what is happening on your network. It allows you to detect attacks sooner and directly limits the room for movement of hackers. Yet 68 percent of all organizations do not get around to properly monitoring their own network. The solution is to deploy a Security Operations Center (SOC).

The experts who sit there keep an eye on your complete IT environment. So not only all the solutions that have to do with security, such as firewalls and virus scanners. They also look at servers, laptops and other devices and block suspicious data traffic immediately. 

A Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your entire IT security 24/7. This is an effective way of detecting and repelling cyberattacks at an early stage. The chance that threats disrupt business continuity is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Setting up a SOC costs considerable time and financial resources. So an increasing number of organizations are opting for outsourcing to a specialist. In this whitepaper you can read about the added value of a SOC.

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In this whitepaper you can read about the added value of a SOC.